Aparat cu aductiune de aer comprimat ariac ariacaparat evacuare escape

The Company PROSALV SRL Buzau was founded in 1994 and was established under Law no. 31/1990 in its current form, with the legal status of a limited liability company.

Since its inception, PROSALV activated in the field of protecting airways with compressed air, our experts rejoicing a rich experience in this field since 1985. Thus, the RA-60 device, the first Romanian self-contained breathing apparatus - SCBA, was approved and endorsed by the Fire Forces Command and bore the CS marking.

The main product of the company PROSALV – the self-contained breathing apparatus, SCBA ARIAC type – was originally made based on the design theme issued by the Inspectorate General of Military Firefighters Corps (currently General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) to equip firefighter troops. The years that followed have led both to the improvement of the ARIAC device but also to its diversification. Thus, a number of other respiratory protective devices were designed, approved and certified, such as the evacuation EVAK type and those with compressed air adduction AD type. Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) are personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to be worn in hazardous environments, providing the wearer a proper supply of breathable air. For more details on the selection and use of PPEs for respiratory protection, click here. For the entire range of products in production, design and research work was carried out by PROSALV’s own shop and specialists, resulting in original products, with a strong domestic market penetration.

After Romania’s accession to the EU, all PROSALV products have been recertified and CE marked. At this point PROSALV is organized to carry out the following activities: Production respiratory protective devices (SCBA, AIRLINE, ESCAPE); breathing air compressors; equipment for fitting extinguisher repair and loading shops (hydraulic test stand and CO2 decant device); Services: large range of personal protective equipment (gloves, safety shoes, glasses, etc.); portable toxic and explosive gas detectors [see http://www.gasmonitors.com pneumatic pipe seals; [see http://www.vetter.de inspections of respiratory protective devices’ cylinders SCBA SERVICE and use training; various mechanical processing on CNC machines. PROSALV policy’s key note is to give the customer the most attention possible, to identify the exact requirements and expectations and satisfy them fully under the regulations in force.

The quality management system was implemented and certified in 2004 and is continually improved to proved our customers with the highest quality products. Offering quality products to customers is PROSALV SRL’s basic business principle. We invite you to convince yourself of the quality of products we offer!