Aparat cu aductiune de aer comprimat ariac ariacaparat evacuare escape

Airline Respiratory Protective Device
Airline breathing apparatus "AD-PSV"

Air line breathing apparatus AD-PSV


The compressed air line respiratory protective device is used for interventions or long-term works in the toxic areas or in other oxygen-deficient environments from various activity sectors.

This respiratory protective device is mobile, being equipped with a transport holder with which the compressed air cylinders, the connection hose, as well as the rest of the device components are carried.

The AD-PSV device can be used in temperatures ranging between -30oC and +60oC.

The AD-PSV is not used in the underwater activity and is not recommended to be used when an increased autonomy of movement is necessary.

The AD-PSV-type compressed air adduction respiratory protective device is certified as personal protection equipment (PPE) according to the legislation in force and bears the EC mark.



Hoses for air-line protective equipmentThe AD-PSV-type compressed air adduction respiratory protective device is designed for the use in toxic environments, where the filtering cartridges are inefficient or when the degree or the nature of the toxic substances is unknown, as well as in oxygen-deficient environments, ensuring the total protection of the breathing.

The device is not autonomous; instead it is connected to a compressed air source located on the transportable holder, being used for interventions or long-term works in contaminated environments.

Given the above, we recommend the use of the compressed air line device especially for the work in tanks, siloes, tunnels, wells, etc., with the possibility of the user (users) to stand away from the transportable holder at a maximum distance of 50 m. Due to the possibility of cylinder replacement during the work, the usage autonomy may be extended according to the needs.