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The CUSTOMER is the most important person for our company, we would not exist without him/her. Our success depends on the degree to which we can meet the customer's requirements.

Therefore, the essence of SC PROSALV SRL policy in the quality field is to give the customer the most attention possible, in order to identify more precisely his/her requirements and expectations and fully satisfy them, in line with the legal regulations.

Providing the customer with quality products is the basic business principle for PROSALV SRL. The quality of our products offered to the customer is ensured by a modern quality management system, documented and implemented according to SR EN ISO 9001: 2008: "Quality Management Systems - Requirements".

How to act as well as the objectives to achieve are specified in the documentation of the implemented quality management system. All staff in PROSALV SRL is required to know and observe the requirements in the quality management system documentation and make a sustained effort to improve the quality of the products.

The Representative of the Management for Quality, function performed by the Director of Quality, has the task to constantly monitor how the quality management system processes are established, implemented, maintained and their specific documentation is applied .

I take full responsibility to periodically review the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system and to identify and ensure the availability of resources necessary for its continuous improvement.

Certificat ISO SIMTEX-OCIn recognition of our quality management system, it is certified by RINA SIMTEX under certificate no. 26633/04/R. Meanwhile, all our products for individual protection have the EC marking, being tested and verified by the notified bodies