Aparat cu aductiune de aer comprimat ariac ariacaparat evacuare escape

Self-Contained Brathing Apparatus
type ARIAC




Self-containing breathing apparatus are used to completely isolate the wearer from breathing in toxic, smoky or low oxygen content environments.

ARIAC is a self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus with full face mask with or without positive pressure.

Breathable air is supplied to the wearer by one or two cylinders loaded at a pressure of 200-300 bars (with EN valve). The pressure circuit also consists of a pressure regulator, a warning whistle, two medium pressure hoses with quick couplers, a on-demand valve and a full facemask. Do not use partial masks of half masks.

Approved as required by law for use as individual protective equipment. For use in medium-term interventions in the following cases:

The apparatus can be equipped with a wide range of cylinders of various capacities and sizes.

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